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The University of Rwanda (UR) is pleased to inform all candidates who submitted their applications for admission into undergraduate programs for Academic Year 2024, that the admission results are now out.

The wait is over for all the future University of Rwanda (UR) It’s officially results day, and according to the university, admission decisions for undergraduate programs in the 2024 academic year have been released.

If you applied to UR, this is your moment to check your application status and see if you’ve been accepted into your program of choice. We’ve got all the details you need below, so keep reading!

How to check university of rwanda 2024 Undergraduate Admission Results

STEP 1: visit https://efiling.ur.ac.rw/

STEP 2: Click on Verify your admission status for 2024 Academic Year and Get your acceptance letter online

STEP 3: Insert your Reference (Student Number ) number and Confirm Your Student Number

Step 4: You can see your results now

What is an acceptance letter at university of Rwanda

An acceptance letter at university of Rwanda is a formal document that congratulates you on being accepted into a program. It’s essentially official notification that you’re in or that you have been admitted. it contains details about your admission such as Admission Status, Programme, College of study and duration of your programme and registration details.

Below is a sample acceptance letter at university of Rwanda.

How to download your acceptance letter

STEP 1: visit https://efiling.ur.ac.rw/

STEP 2: Click on Verify your admission status for 2024 Academic Year and Get your acceptance letter online

STEP 3: Insert your Reference (Student Number ) number and Confirm Your Student Number

STEP 4: click on Download your Acceptance Letter

STEP 5: keep it safe because you will need it

University Of Rwanda 2024 Undergraduate Admission Results Announcement

The following should be noted:

1. Qualified candidates who could not be admitted into the programs applied for, due to the high competition in the concerned programs versus their absorption capacity, were provisionally admitted into other programs they qualify for, subject to making registration as confirmation for acceptance to study those programs;

2. All admitted candidates (fully/provisionally admitted) are required to confirm acceptance of admission by registering within the prescribed period as mentioned in the Acceptance Letters (1 to 31″ July 2024). Failure to register by the prescribed time will lead to losing the place, which will be offered to applicants on the waiting list;

3. please click here to see The cut off weighted aggregates in each academic program

Next steps: Registration at university of Rwanda

Registration is a process of accepting your admision offer at university of Rwanda. Below are the key point to note about registration:

  • Registration will start from 1st July to 31st July
  • Registration is done online
  • Registration is done after paying 60,000Rwf as registration fees
  • Registration is done by students who were admitted at the university Of Rwanda only!
  • Registration is done by those who have loan or those who have a way to fund their tuition fees

Registration is what proves you are officially a student at University of Rwanda
After registration you download a proof of registration confirming you are a student at the University of Rwanda.

The announcement of the start of registration is announced in the acceptance letter you receive when you have been accepted to study at University of Rwanda.

The registration is done online but only after you have paid the 60,000Rwf for registration fees at Bank of Kigali branches. After that you log into your system and you can see the registration has been activated.

Registration is mostly the last step to you university education; as it is the process that confirms you are a current student of University of Rwanda. Here you accept the terms and conditions and letter you are given a student card.

Next steps: Application for loan for students who want to be funded by the government

Students who are financially unable to pay for them selves have an option to apply for a government loan. The loan is issued by BRD and processed by HEC. That is, HEC chooses students who are eligible for government scholarship and then passes them onto BRD so that they can receive the loan.

Key notes to consider:

  • Loan applications are done online
  • Loan applications are done on HEC website
  • Loan applications are processed by HEC and issued by BRD
  • They are criteria needed to be eligible for loan

In the coming days they will release an announcement for the start of loan applications. The loan for UR students is issued by the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) and processed by HEC. HEC Higher Educational Counsil is an independent government agency established by the government to support the transformation of higher education in Rwanda.

Students apply through HEC and then HEC checks if they are eligible to get a government loan.

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