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Embarking on your journey towards higher education at the University of Rwanda is an exciting step, and understanding the application process is crucial for a smooth transition. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the four main stages, unraveling the steps from online application to official enrollment. Whether you’re a prospective student or someone supporting a student in this venture, this breakdown aims to simplify the process and provide clarity on key activities like admissions, loan applications, and other essential steps. Let’s dive into the details so you can confidently navigate your way to becoming a University of Rwanda student.

The university of Rwanda application process can be divided into four big sections which are 1. Online application period, 2. Admissions results period, 3. Application for loan and other assisting applications, 4. registration and contract signing. Each section consists of more than one activity that will be performed and in the below section we are going to explain them in a detailed manner.

1.   Online application period

Starting usually in February. The first step in application process at the University of Rwanda is the online application. Below are the key points in summary:

  • Applications are done online
  • Applications usually have a one-month span period
  • Students need to fill out their personal and academic information and create an account in University of Rwanda’s application portal
  • Students must pay 5000Rwf as application fees
  • After you pay that amount you can go to the next steps
  • Students will be able to choose faculties of their choice (See how to choose well)
  • Students must choose three faculties they are interested in
  • Students must verify and submit their applications

University of Rwanda’s application is done online entirely and prospective students need to wait for the announcement that initiates the start for application so that they can start. When the announcement has been released, the students start by filling in their academic and personal information thus creating an account, after creating an account every student must pay 5000Rwf through BK (Bank of Kigali) Branch and then he/she may continue with other procedures. A student who does not complete the payment is not allowed to go onto the next stage.

After payment the system open up and you can continue to fill and correct your personal information and then choose three faculties of choice. At University of Rwanda students must choose three options they are interested to pursue, these faculties must be based on the entry requirements of each faculty.

With the release of an announcement that starts application, there is also a release of a document called “University of Rwanda Entry Requirements”. This is a document that contains all faculties available in that academic year in UR and also the requirements to join each faculty. The requirements are usually marks obtained in the secondary school national examination and in order to apply in each faculty you have to have those marks.

After making three choices based on the entry requirements and cut off marks in each faculty; students can verify if all details are correct before submitting the application. Onto the next stage!

2.   Application for Loan

Students who are financially unable to pay for them selves have an option to apply for a government loan. The loan is issued by BRD and processed by HEC. That is HEC chooses students who are eligible for government scholarship and then passes them onto BRD so that they can receive the loan.

Key notes to consider:

  • Loan applications are done online
  • Loan applications are done on HEC website
  • Loan applications are processed by HEC and issued by BRD
  • They are criteria needed to be eligible for loan

During the end of applications at the university of Rwanda; students who want to study at UR on a loan basis are given time to apply. The loan for UR students is issued by the Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) and processed by HEC. HEC Higher Educational Counsil is an independent government agency established by the government to support the transformation of higher education in Rwanda.

Students apply through HEC and then HEC checks if they are eligible to get a government loan.

3.   Admission results period

After the application period students usually wait one month before the results are announced. Below is a list of points that students can note:

  • Admission results are published online
  • Students can access the link provided in the announcement of the release of admission and input their registration number
  • Students can download the official acceptance letter showing them they have been accepted at the university of Rwanda
  • The start date of registration is announced

The release of Admission results is initiated by an announcement from the university of Rwanda which informs student with the steps and procedures to follow in order to check their results. University of Rwanda results usually come with an option to download an acceptance letter. An acceptance letter at the university of Rwanda is a document showing that you have been given a place to study at the university of Rwanda. This does not necessarily mean you are a student at UR you must do registration first. Lets continue to the next stages.

4.   Release of Loan Results

After University of Rwanda releases the results; students usually wait like a week to get their loan results, below are key points to note:

  • Loan results are viewed online
  • There is selection criteria that is used to determine eligible students
  • Selection criteria are calculated on a score of 100 based on Aggregates obtained in A level National Exams and Domain/Field of study at UR each containing 50 marks.
  • Students can download the loan application result document

The release of HEC loan results is published by HEC and the announcement contains instructions on how to check your results. The release also contains the marking scheme to be eligible for loan.

Selection criteria are calculated on a score of 100 based on

  • Aggregates obtained in A level National Exams per 50 marks
  • Domain/Field of study at UR each containing 50 marks. Per 50 marks

The below table shows how the Aggregates obtained in A level National Exams are calculates.

The below image also shows how the domain field at UR the marks it has

By the above you can conclude your marks and check if you are eligible or loan.

Note that: Not all students get a loan. They are many reasons you may not get a loan such as:

  • When you do not meet the selection criteria marks (Explained below)
  • Errors in your applications (usually identification), When you submitted your application twice or when it contains errors in your identification or academic information you may not get a loan
  • When you are not admitted at the university of Rwanda you cannot get a loan
  • Also, the national budget for student loan is still low so they usually have numbers.

5.   Claiming and other applications

5.1.     Claiming

When the results are released (For both University of Rwanda and HEC) the announcement contains the instructions to follow for students who were not satisfied by the decisions in the admissions and they are given a chance to claim.

You can claim if you were not happy with you admission results at university of Rwanda or HEC, you must follow the instructions in the announcements.

5.2.     Application For Accommodation

Some campuses at UR provide accommodation, that is hostels for students who want to live in campus provided houses. Below points to note:

  • Application for accommodation is done online
  • Not all campuses at University of Rwanda provide accommodation
  • The spaces are few so they usually accept few students
  • Priority is on females; disabled and Mastercard’s scholarship students
  • The results usually take one week or two to be released

For students who want to live in campus provided housing they can apply online for accommodation. Some campuses have fewer hostel so students usually find other means of where to live. When students apply they usually include their personal details and campus they have been sent to in order for them to get a place where to live. So far HUYE Campus has more hostels for both females and males but other campuses are catching up.

5.3.     Mastercard application

It is around this time that students apply for Mastercard foundation scholarship program at the university of Rwanda. Mastercard is an independent scholarship program that work with UR to award scholarships to students who have great potential in both academic and extracullicular activities.

6.   Registration Period and Contract Signing Period

6.1.     Registration at University of Rwanda

Registration period usually kicks off after most of the processes of application has been ended. Below are the key point to note about registration:

  • Registration is done online
  • Registration is done after paying 60,000Rwf as registration fees
  • Registration is done by students who were admitted at the university Of Rwanda only!
  • Registration is done by those who have loan or those who have a way to fund their tuition fees
  • Registration is what proves you are officially a student at University of Rwanda
  • After registration you download a proof of registration confirming you are a student at the University of Rwanda

The announcement of the start of registration is announced in the acceptance letter you receive when you have been accepted to study at University of Rwanda, the registration is done online but only after you have paid the 60,000Rwf for registration fees at Bank of Kigali branches. After that you log into your system and you can see the registration has been activated.

Registration is mostly the last step to you university education; as it is the process that confirms you are a current student of University of Rwanda. Here you accept the terms and conditions and letter you are given a student card.

6.2.     Contract signing

For students who have applied for loan they need to sign a contract accepting the terms and conditions related to the contract. Here students accept that they will pay the loan and can see the whole amount plus interest.

6.3.     Application for Bursary

Technically while signing the contract you input a channel you want to receive the monthly living allowance (40,000Rwf) that is either mobile money or a bank account.

6.4.     Application for laptops

Students who have a loan at BRD have an option to choose to apply for a laptop as an added money on loan and they can choose a laptop model and maker.

7.   Induction week and going to campuses

Students who are admitted at the Unviersity of Rwanda are mandatory rquired to be on campus on the specified date for induction week. Induction week is an introductory week that introduces you to the campus and learning culture at the university of Rwanda and other facilities available as a student.

Voila! You’ve reached the end of the University of Rwanda application journey. By following these steps, you’ve navigated through the online application, discovered admission results, and explored options like loan applications and other crucial processes. Remember, each step is a milestone bringing you closer to becoming an official University of Rwanda student. As you embark on this new chapter, embrace the excitement of campus life and the opportunities that await. Best of luck in your studies and welcome to the University of Rwanda community!

8.   FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions About the University of Rwanda

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