TheHuye.com is an educational, informational website that provides information and news related to the universities operating and located in Rwanda. We mainly aim at providing on date information for our readers and other professional help they may need. Our main goal is to help 5000 students this year secure places in their favorite universities in Rwanda and pursue their career of choice.

As of today, we have more than one channel of providing this information to our users. we have Facebook pages and Facebook groups; we have WhatsApp groups and also, we use other social medias like Instagram and much more on Twitter. The most important thing of all is our website as it is updated daily if not hourly as TheHuye; our main goal is to provide information which must be always up to date for our customers to read.

TheHuye Background

TheHuye started as a small project by Derrick aimed to build a website to provide news and information about the university of Rwanda, While building the website Derrick also included a form for feedback and everyone who saw the website liked it as it provided information in an organised manner and easy to ready and grasp. Soom everyone start asking about other universities information and we had no ther choice so we did what the students wanted. We added one university at a time and explained it. And in the months of september students started calling me asking me some info because i was a student also i decided to create a whatsapp group to help them get news and updates and the groups are our largest community by now. We continued to provide information in the group and here we are with the biggest group in the world.

Team Members

TheHuye started in one individual’s mind with a bold goal to make university news accessible to everyone and soon it became one of the most demanding spaces that the founder could not eep it up. We are now a team of six people with hiring some freelancers to do some work and still we can not keep up with demand. We are planning on increasing the team to 15 people by the end of this year to cope up with the increasing demand.

Contact Information

Phone Number: +250780368358

Email: hello@thehuye.com

Website: thehuye.com