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Where is the University of Rwanda Headquarters?

The largest university in Rwanda which happens to be the university of Rwanda has its main office in GIKONDO campus located in Kigali. But that’s not how it always has been that’s why I’ll explain everything about the headquarters of UR, its history and why they have changed and the services you can get there. Let’s stick together because I will answer all your question about the UR headquarters.


What we call the University of Rwanda today merged with 7 independent institutions in 2013. Before the merging it had its headquarters and its main campus located in HUYE district called Butare campus. After merging the university of Rwanda changed its headquarters at GIKONDO campus in Kigali city.

  1. What is the university of Rwanda?

The University of Rwanda (UR) is one of the three public Higher Learning Institution and the largest in them, it was established by the law n° 71/2013 of 10/09/2013. It resulted from the merger of the former seven public Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) into single public University with six Colleges and nine campuses distributed across the country.

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