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Rwanda Polytechnics (RP) is an umbrella organization overseeing eight Integrated Polytechnic Regional Colleges (IPRCs) strategically located across Rwanda. Each IPRC functions as a separate college, offering a range of technical and vocational training programs.

This blog post delves into fee structure of IPRCs.

Understanding the IPRC Fee Structure

Now, let’s navigate the fee structure at IPRCs:

  • Application Fee: This one-time fee of 5,000 Rwandan francs (Rwf) applies to new students only.
  • Registration Fees: This annual cost covers your enrollment and varies depending on your student status. New students pay 50,000 Rwf, while continuing students pay a reduced fee of 25,000 Rwf. Note that if you’ve already paid the application fee, your first-year registration fee reduces to 62,000 Rwf.
  • Annual Fees: These include:
    • Student ID Card (2,000 Rwf)
    • Insurance (2,000 Rwf)
    • Occupational Hygiene (4,000 Rwf)
    • Students’ Union Fees (3,000 Rwf)
    • Library Fees (1,000 Rwf)
  • Tuition Fees: This applies only to privately sponsored students and is around 600,000 Rwf per year, payable in two installments.
Types of feesNew studentsContinuing
Application for admission5,000Upon Application
Registration fees50,00025,000Every Year
Student Identity Card2,0002,000Every Year
Insurance against accident2,0002,000Every Year
Tuition600,090 (Only for Private Sponsored)600,000 (Only
for Private
Every Year
in two equal
Occupational Hygiene4,0004,000Every Year
Students’Union Fees3,0003,000Every Year
Library Fees1,0001,000Every Year


  1. For registration, new students will pay 67,000 Rwf in total whereas Continuing students will pay 37,000 Rfw.
  2. New students who have all ready paid 5000 Rwf for application will pay only 62,000 Rwf
  3. For Any other Additional fees, please refer to the Students’ hand books. Detailed procedures of payment will be found on RP website: www.rp.ac.rw.

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