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How To Sign A Contract In BRD MINUZA System

In October 2015, the Government of Rwanda gave the mandate of management of students’ loans and bursaries to BRD in compliance with the provisions of Law No 44/2015 of 14/09/2015 governing student loans and bursaries in Rwanda. This role was previously undertaken by the Ministry of Education.

The Bank provides loans for higher education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and beneficiaries must be studying either in Rwanda or Abroad.

  • A student is required to apply to the Ministry of Education through its agency in charge of higher education student loans and bursaries. Currently, the HEC(Higher Education Council) handles the management of applications and granting of student loans to successful applicants. See how to apply for a loan.
  • After being granted a loan, a student then signs a contract with BRD for the disbursement and recovery arrangements.

What is MINUZA system?

MINUZA System is a platform made by BRD for managing students loans provided by BRD, through this system students can create an account, sign a contract with BRD, and view their monthly living allowance and their total consumption loan. In today’s guide I will walk you through how to create an account in MINUZA system, how to log in in MINUZA system and how to navigate your MINUZA dashboard.

BRD Contract Signing Step by Step

BRD MINUZA homepage

Step1: Creating an account

After receiving an email notification that you have been granted a loan by HEC click on the link and create your account enter your details as shown below

BRD MINUZA system create a new account

Step2: insert the verification code you get on your mobile phone

The MINUZA system will prompt you to enter a verification code sent to your phone. Follow the instructions as the below image


Step3: Choose Disbursement Package of Your Choice

Here you will first select the university in which you will study in and then you select the amount of money you wish to receive (its 40, 000RWF per month) then click next.

Step4: Provide Parent/Guardian Information

Here you will provide your parent or guardian information

Step5: Select Financial Institution for Your Bursary

Here you select the mode of payment or the way you wish to receive your monthly bursary. You can choose bank, MTN Momo or Airtel money. Make sure to check each bank’s charges before you choose. Click next

Step6: Sign the Contract to Complete The Process

Read the contract and if you agree sign the contract and download it

Step7: Finishing sign Contract

This is where you finish. it may not look exactly like this but this is for some one who has already received some bursary money.

BRD MINUZA System student dashboard

How To Log into Your MINUZA Account

Step1: Go on minuza.brd.rw

BRD MINUZA homepage

Step2: Insert your email or phone number and your password

BRD Login Page

Step3: Insert the verification code you get on your mobile phone


Step4: You are in your MINUZA account dashboard

BRD MINUZA System student dashboard

How To Navigate into The MINUZA System Dashboard

Part1: your dashboard

BRD MINUZA System student dashboard

This is your dashboard

On the first part you will see

On this part called living allowance you will find the total monthly living allowance you have received. For our case it is 120,000RWF.

The next box is for outstanding loan means that the total amount of money you will pay after the time you are in university.

The next box shows the active living allowance and the month.

The next is Recent Transactions or the money you recently received

The loan repayment graph compares total loan limit and total disbursement

Other parts lead to the next section

Part2:  Profile

BRD MINUZA Profile section

This is where you will find your personal info, your academic data, the details you entered for your guardian, the body which sponsors you and a section called products containing the tuition and living allowance.

Part3: Report

BRD MINUZA report section

They are three sections of report:

Financial report: which shows all the living allowance you have received and the date and the reference transactional number

Contract report: which displays the contract information about you.

Academic report: which shows your academic history and the year which you are enrolled in

Part4: Payment channels

BRD MINUZA payment channels

This is where you will find the Current payment channel details you entered to get your living allowance monthly money. It is good to know that you can change kindly follow this guide to change your payment channel.

Part5: Loan payment

BRD MINUZA loan payment gateway

This section has a button where you can click and start repaying your loan

Part6: support center

BRD MINUZA Support Center

This section is where you can ask for help by raising a ticket.

How to change your payment method in BRD MINUZA system

after choosing your payment channel you can change it according to your own causes. below we will show you how you can change your MINUZA payment channel.

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