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Scholarship Details

In an effort to equip the Rwandan youth for self-employment, BPR Bank Rwanda in partnership with the National Youth Council is offering an opportunity for the youth to acquire vocational skills through a Scholarship programme dubbed IGIRE.

Selected students will be taken through a six-month accelerated training program where they shall be monitored and trained on different business skills. They will also be encouraged to prepare project proposals where the best projects will be given seed capital to start their own businesses

Scholarship summary

  • Scholarip type: Full scholarship
  • Scholarship category: TVET Training
  • Eligibility: see below
  • Duration: Six Months
  • Requirements: see below
  • Faculties: Culinary Art, Plumbing, Carpentry, Masonry and Electronic devices repair and maintenance.
  • Deadline: 7th-JUNE-2024
  • Application Link: click here if you want to apply

“Through the IGIRE program, we believe we will have a ripple effect as new SMEs will be born with the added benefit of employing even more youth,” Bank’ Managing Director, George Odhiambo.

During the opening event in 2022;

Odhiambo also noted that the number of university graduates annually is understandably higher than available jobs, not just in Rwanda but in Africa as a whole.

He added: “It is our hope to encourage the youth through these programs to become job creators rather than job seekers.”

Eng Diogene Murindahabi, Principal of IPRC Kigali who represented Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) during the launch said the students of IGIRE program will be studying at Kigali, Gishari, Ngoma, Huye and Karongi IPRCs. He noted that it’s the institution’s responsibility to train Rwandans who can stand out in the labour market.

He noted that compared to other TVET programs, Igire is unique for it only takes the students six months and helps them get hands-on skills directly without many theories, adding that when a student enrols in the program with a clear goal, they can have competent skills that can help them on the labour market.


  1. Deadline for the BPR BANK IGIRE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION 2023 is Thursday, 20th April 2023.
  2. Study options are described in below
  • Culinary Art (Ubuhanga mu guteka)
  • Plumbing (Ubuhanga mubijyanye no gutunganya imiyoboro y’amazi)
  • Carpentry (ubuhanga mu ububaji)
  • Masonry (ubuhanga muby’ubwubatsi)
  • Electronic devices repair and maintenance ( Ubuhanga mu gusana ibikoresho by’ikoranabuhanga)

Eligibilty and requirements

To qualify for IGIRE scholarships all applicants must fulfill the criteria below:

1. Be a Rwandan youth aged between 18 and 30.

2. Be a resident of the district where the training will be conducted.

3. Have at least completed secondary school or twelve years basic education in the last twoyears.

4. Have completed in a combination related to the course applying for.

5. Have not studied vocational training before.

6. Be unemployed and not in any other educational program.

7. Be available for a six-month TVET training program.

8. Be willing to refund 50% of school fees if you drop out of the program.

9. Provide a copy of your certificate of completion of secondary school or 12YBE.

10. Provide a copy of your ID card.

11. Have the capacity to cover food, transport, or accommodation during the training.

12. Observe regulations about the training program.

13. Be willing to open a BPR BANK Student Account once selected for the program.

NOTE: Applicants will be given equal opportunity and shall not be discriminated on the basis of disability, gender,regional, religious and ethnicbackground.

Scholarship Benefits

They are many benefits to this scholarship

  1. Full scholarship: This is a full scholarship which means when you get selected you will not pay anything.
  2. Learn New vocational skills: You will get to learn new on demand and market ready vocational skills, such as Culinary Arts, Tiling, Plumbing, Wood technolohgy, Masonry ETC
  3. Another Chance: For those od you who missed or who did not get accepted in IPRC this is another chance to reclaim your education status
  4. Certificate Of Completion: you will get a certificate of completion which will be recognized by institutions and can hire you.
  5. Business skills: You will be trained on different business skills so that you can start your own business. More students who finish this internship get to start their own business. We can take an example of Claude Byiringiro whose project was, in 201,  selected among the best and received startup capital graduated in Culinary Arts through Igire program. He now runs a fast-food restaurant and a bakery in Rwamagana which he said attracts local and international customers.
  6. WIN A STARTUP CAPITAL/ INITIAL FUNDING: After 6 months of training when your project is excellent and wins the competition you get a startup capital and all the money required in order to start your business

How to apply To the scholarship

Application process is done by filling the google form down below.

  1. fill the google form by Clicking-Here.
  2. Fill the form correctly
  3. Attach passport size photo attached together with copies of National Identity card and certificate of their highest academic qualification.
  4. There is also an option to submit your application to the nearest BPR bank branch.

NOTE THAT: Fill out the application form as clearly and as completely as possible. Only complete applications will be considered and admission into the programme is based on a competitive selection process. During submission of the application, candidates will be expected to submit a completed application form with passport size photo attached together with copies of National Identity card and certificate of their highest academic qualification. The candidates will also be expected to present originals of the above documents. Failure to provide these documents will lead to automatic disqualification.


This scholarship is a great choice who missed their education in IPRC’s or those who want to study vocational training.

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