Open University Applications

Hello there our readers. Below you will find universities that are open for applications here in Rwanda. Please make sure to always visit this page as it will always be updated for new notifications.

ALU is not for everyone. It’s for the creator, the dreamer, the leader. Your education at ALU will equip you with the skills, tools and resources to build sustainable solutions to some of Africa’s biggest challenges. Every student at ALU graduates with a strong foundation in leadership that sets them up to succeed in whatever comes next.

ALU provides higher education for a higher purpose. Our students declare missions, not majors. They develop the real-world skills to take on the world’s most pressing challenges. And they take ownership of their learning from day one through our peer and student-led approach – because ALU believes in the power and agency of young people to start shaping the future right now. Together with a world-class faculty and staff, our students are igniting a ripple of positive impact across Africa and the world.

Starts: 6 May 2022 Ends: 4 November 2022 For the January 2023 Intake

UGHE is a new university based in Rwanda that is building the next generation of global health professionals—doctors, nurses, researchers, and public health and policy experts—into leaders and changemakers who strive to deliver more equitable, quality health services for all. We’re reimagining health education to ensure that quality health care reaches every individual in every corner of the globe.

UGHE brings a new approach to recruiting and training health professionals. An initiative of Partners In Health and led by internationally recognized faculty and staff from around the world, UGHE is an independent university that builds on PIH’s three decades of experience in delivering health services to some of the world’s poorest communities.

Starts: july 2022 Ends: on 13 January 2023

Kepler College

Kepler College was created by Kepler which has been supporting and preparing talented but economically disadvantaged young Africans for the future of work with 21st century skills and new pathways to employment in Rwanda and Ethiopia. At Kepler, our mission is to prepare young Africans with global competencies and the mindset to solve local challenges. Kepler College’s pedagogy is guided by a “learn by doing” model with a primary focus on equipping students with 21st century transferable skills to make them competitive in the Rwandan labor market and beyond.Kepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University is offering innovative, online, US-accredited bachelor’s degrees in Business management and Communications. The journey at Kepler begins with a foundation program that focuses on key basic skills, English language, technology, critical thinking and professional competencies, students acquire core skills to drive successKepler in partnership with Southern New Hampshire University is offering innovative, online, US-accredited bachelor’s degrees in Business management and Communications.

Starts: 6 May 2022 Ends: 4 November 2022 For the January 2023 Intake

RICA Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture

RICA students learn the principles of conservation agriculture and One Health, with an emphasis on communications, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Students gain hands-on experience in smallholder farming, while also being exposed to six different enterprise-scale agribusinesses during their course of study. They also engage closely with local farming communities through on-site extension education and through the NASHO Irrigation Cooperative to ensure research insights are informed by local needs and knowledge is transferred to benefit local communities.

RICA students learn conservation agriculture, which includes practices for protecting and enhancing soil quality, improving crop and livestock productivity and profitability, and protecting environmental quality. RICA students learn these skills in an experiential setting, which means they learn in the classroom as well as in fields around campus. RICA’s curriculum starts with a solid science and math foundation, equipping students to understand and apply emerging engineering and technological developments in innovative ways to agriculture in Rwanda. In year one, students take foundational courses and learn principles of smallholder farming. In year two, they learn through six different enterprises, from dairy to irrigated cropping systems to food processing. In year three, they complete a capstone project with partners on and off campus. Entrepreneurship and communications are also interwoven throughout RICA’s curriculum.

Starts: 20 December 2022 Ends: 20 January 2023 For the March 2023 Intake

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